Jon Voight, pot calling kettle black

Jon Voight, pot calling kettle black

Actor Jon Voight was interviewed on Fox’s “O’Reilly Factor” last night about The Passion of the Christ. Voight complains that Mel Gibson distorted the Gospels, adding elements that weren’t in the Bible and suggesting that it was anti-Semitism. That’s a bit ironic considering that Voight did the same thing in his Bible movie. First, a quote from Voight:

But there—but there is a mixing of all the gospels. He chooses a piece from here, a piece from there, and he mixes them together with what purpose? To minimize the responsibility of the Romans in the crucifixion of Jesus and to point the finger at the Jews.

  • I read his blog too.  He’s an example of the American spirit of optimism.  His death should not be an excuse to cut and run.

    His death also shows the daily risks all the foreign workers take—the love that one lays down his life for another—that is the Christian ideal.

    It also reinforces the need for many of the nation-builders to have the security of the military infrastructure.  Turing this nation-building effort over to the unarmed USAID and Peace Corps would be a disaster at this point.

  • Actually, Jen, Catholic U. has improved much in recent years, ironically thanks to Cardinal Law, who was chairman of the board of trustees a few years ago and got a new administration in place that did some housecleaning. It’s not perfectid the investigators looking in diocesan files find any documentary evidence of a bishop recording his outrage over the molestation of a child? The review board says no. The newspaper is right, and Havard is making a stink over nothing.


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