John Kerry, biblical scholar

John Kerry, biblical scholar

John Kerry has evidently decided that after his crushing defeat last November, partly because Christian conservatives rejected his noveau liberal Christian dance, that he needs to use Christianity as a cudgel against Republicans. Unfortunately, in his hands it is a decidedly blunt instrument and wielded clumsily.

Last Friday, speaking to the National Head Start Association in Florida, he bashed Republican policies with a reference to the New Testament.

“I went back and reread the whole New Testament the other day. Nowhere in the three-year ministry of Jesus Christ did I find a suggestion at all, ever, anywhere, in any way whatsover, that you ought to take the money from the poor, the opportunities from the poor and give them to the rich people,” Kerry said.

Nice straw man. Of course, no one is suggesting that we steal from the poor to give to the rich, nor has anyone suggested that Jesus countenanced such an idea. Even so, the suggestion that one would look in the New Testament for justification for any particular political policy is an inanity.

The Bible is not a compendium of all human knowledge and wisdom, nor has anyone suggested it should be. Other things you will not find in Scripture include: the right to abortion, approval of high tax rates, support for cloning or embryonic stem cell research, disapproval of drilling for oil in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, or my mom’s spaghetti sauce recipe.

Still, John Kerry evidently spends a lot of time reading and re-reading the Bible looking for approval of Republican platform statements. The April 2005 Limbaugh Letter includes a quote of John Kerry from a Time magazine interview:

If you go back and read the New Testament and the teaching of the Lord, nowhere in those teachings do I find Jesus talking about abortion or gays or intolerance. I find forgiveness and embracement.

Putting aside his amateur theology, biblical exegesis, and sola scriptura belief, it’s also apparent that Kerry has latched onto a theme that he thinks will play well to his audience and isn’t afraid of recycling it. But is anyone buying it? Anyone even slightly conversant with Scripture knows that his claims are ridiculous, while those who don’t take the inerrancy of Scripture seriously don’t care.

I guess Kerry’s main goal is to portray Republicans and Christian conservatives as hypocrites. Who does that appeal to? The same left-wing fringe base that couldn’t deliver the Democrats the White House or Congress last year. Good strategy there John.

  • Embracement?

    Is that something new?  I’ve read the NT, I don’t remember seeing “embracement”.  I thought he went to some high-fallutin’ skool in the East.  Some time around his illustrious military career.  Was that a fib too?

    Sarcasm aside, I find Kerry’s displays loathsome.  He gives faithful Catholics a bad name.

  • Hmmm.  I always love it when they try to roll out the ol’ “Hippie Jesus” yet again.  Sure, he forgave the woman (usually associated with St. Mary Magdalene), saying, “Go and sin no more.” He did NOT say, “Go and love yourself and your significant other in a loving relationship, whether he or she may be in a sexual minority and thus be oppressed by society.  Make sure all know what kind of deviancy you are into, for that is the only way to make change in this stifling moral environment of these times.”

  • Kerry’s comment to the Boston Globe:

    Asked about the impact of religion, he said that he reread the New Testament since the election to make sure ‘‘I didn’t miss anything”.

    Unintentional hilarity.  Part of his new schtick, I guess.

  • <i>“I went back and reread the whole New Testament the other day.”</>

    “…the other day” ??? What, is he a speed reader now…? Or did he just read a Cliff’s Notes version?

    I doubt that Kerry understands what the New Testament encompasses and might be hard put to even name the four Evangelists (“Huh? There were four of them…? Well, I just read the main one. James, wasn’t it…?”)

  • Nor does Jesus command that Tiberius Ceasar or Pilate us liberals to raid the paychecks of people who work at the point of a gun (or a spear) and redistribute the money to the people of their choice.

    The Christian way is to heed the warning of Jesus that it is easier for a camel to pass thru the eye of needle than for a rich man (like John Kerry) to get into heaven.  Jesus is urging us to give away our money. And as Americans we should!

    John Kerry’s policies/beliefs come more from “Das Kapital” by Marx than from the Bible.

    When Jesus comes to Kerry’s mind, Kerry should only reflect on his condition of his multiple wives.