I’ve got more important things to do that day

I’ve got more important things to do that day

Anglicans are debating whether to do away with Sunday worship. It seems Sunday is too busy already: “family day, do-it-yourself day, or sports day.” In fact, the whole weekend is too busy. So Anglicans think that they may move to a more “marketable” day of the week. But not Thursday night, because “Friends” last season is on. Or Monday because, really, “Everybody Loves Raymond.” And then there’s spinning class on Wednesday.

Once again, rather than call for the radical conversion of hearts to the message of Jesus Christ, rather than acknowledging where your treasure is, there is where you spend your time (and for more and more people their treasure is not being stored up in heaven), these Anglicans want to say, “We know Church is not that important. It’s just another place to spend your entertainment/psycho-spiritual healing dollar. Spend it on us rather than your therapist or the big-screen TV.”

Of course, Catholics aren’t immune to the impulse. Look at how well moving the observance of holy days of obligation has increased devotion to those special days of prayer and penance.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli