It’s not priests’ morale we should worry about

It’s not priests’ morale we should worry about

I admire and respect priests and the difficult and challenging work of their vocations. Some priests I know are hard-working men who get little reward other than personal satisfaction and knowledge that the Lord sees all.

Still, I’m with Amy Welborn in her disquiet over remarks made by the USCCB president in his opening address to the US bishops. His talk focused on priestly morale and Amy asks, “Do really holy people need their morale tended?” She continues:

Priests are human beings on that same road I am, on different points on the journey. But to put shoring up their morale at the center of the episcopal agenda derails the train as it quite pointedly indicates that radical, God-centered holiness isn’t even a destination. Feeling okay is.

It’s not the Amy or I are insensitive to the special challenges faced by priests, but is focusing on their morale and feelings really the most important duty facing the bishops, or should the focus be on, oh, I don’t know ... personal sanctification and holiness?

Sounds like some bishops are still listening to those “mental health professionals” instead of the saints and Church fathers. Has Bishop Skylstad been in touch with Dr. Mary Gail Frawley-O’Dea again?