Isabella the model

Isabella the model

We went to the farmer’s market this morning as is our usual habit, even though it’s broiling out. Got to stock up on fresh tomatoes and peaches and greens while we can. (Nothing focuses your fruit and vegetable purchases like living in a place with short growing seasons.)

Melanie let Isabella out of the stroller to run around a bit and a photographer approached me. He has a booth at the market and is a local guy, with a website and photoblog. Anyway, he wanted permission to take photos of Isabella. He’d put them up on his site and if we liked them we could buy them. It’s not a bad sales pitch, but unless he’s less expensive than my guess, unlikely to make the sale. And I appreciate that he asked permission first.

Still, it will be nice to see what a professional photographer comes up with. It was funny to watch him follow her around, as she’s very camera-aware, thanks to Mommy. It looked like a little photo shoot. Other people walking would stop and remark on her facial expressions and poses.

And no, there’s no way in the world I would every in a million years allow her to model professionally. Not that anyone’s asked, but still.

I’ll link to it when he posts the photos on his site (he’s promised to email me) and you can tell me what you think. Heck, if they’re good enough maybe the grandparents would like a print or two.

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • I would let mine be models here. Authentic femininity in the JPII mold and solid Catholic formation.

    Founded by a former Miss Georgia who attends my parish in the greater Atlanta area. There is a niche for those who have daughters who could be attracted to this type of formation. The “pure fashion show” is the hook for chastity, purity, service and other important points for teen formation.

    It is “the” spring event in Atlanta and attracted thousands to the final (and only) show. Little girls (mine started attending at about 4 or 5) sit in the runway seats and see the teens close up. They provide outstanding human, intellectual and spiritual formation for the young ladies and, at the same time, taking on the defects of the culture head on.

  • Sorry, maybe it’s a cultural thing, but I don’t want my daughters to have that kind of attention focused on them, in this case almost entirely for surface attributes, which is what a fashion highlights in my opinion. I understand the chastity, purity, and service elements, which is good, but you don’t need a runway to accomplish that.

    It’s the same for boys. I value what athletics can do for boys and girls, but I wouldn’t want my children to be star athletes.

    The pedestal creates the kind of pressures that can do untold damage to the teen ego.

  • It’s reassuring that my mom isn’t the only grandparent who lets the grandkids get away with things she’d never have permitted for her own.

  • Now on to much more important manners…

    Do you get many heirloom tomatoes up there?  I had a green zebra last week that made me want to cry once it was gone.