Isabel in Virginia Beach

Isabel in Virginia Beach

One reason for my interest in Hurricane Isabel is that I spent several nice weeks over several years’ time at my friend Laurie’s family’s house on Sandbridge Beach in Virginia Beach. I’m curious as to how it all held up under the brunt of the storm. I actually found some footage taken right on Sandbridge via the web site TV station WAVY in Virginia Beach. It doesn’t tell me how that house did, but it shows how much of a storm surge there was. Since the house is raised up on pilings, I think it should have done okay.

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  • Well, they’re on stilts to protect them from storms. I don’t think most of those people expect the government to bail them out. Insurance should cover them. I know you have to buy federal flood insurance to cover flood damage, but I don’t think storm surge is the same thing.

    I wouldn’t have patience for people who expect to be bailed out either, but if they go into it knowing the possibility exists, and they pay higher premiums to insure their property, I have no problem with them.