Is Pat Summerall calling the Red Sox game?

Is Pat Summerall calling the Red Sox game?

I’m watching the Red Sox play the Yankees in as classic as a late summer baseball matchup you’ll see. It’s a national broadcast today, so Fox Sports is covering it. I think they either need to sober up Dick Stockton or get somebody who isn’t afflicted with Alzheimer’s. In two innings, he’s called Doug Mirabelli, “Paul” Mirabelli; referred to Nomar Garciaparra as “Garcia”; called Yankees first baseman Jason Giambi the Red Sox first baseman, and called Yankees second baseman Alfonse Soriano, “Rafael” Soriano. And those are just the mistakes I’ve caught off the top of my head.

I’m trying hard to enjoy the game, but I’m wondering if he got these basic things wrong, what about all the other stuff he’s saying? I’d rather watch the local broadcasters do it. Or better yet, Joe Buck.