Is mocking Catholicism a Baptist principle?

Is mocking Catholicism a Baptist principle?

As a followup to the story that Baylor University’s president advised laughing off a student troupe’s depiction of a “pregnant nun”, we now find out that back in 2002 the university disciplined some students for posing in Playboy, citing the student handbook.

The basis for the University’s disciplinary action was its expectation, as detailed in the Student Handbook, that students conduct themselves “in accordance with Christian principles as commonly perceived by Texas Baptists. Personal misconduct either on or off the campus by anyone connected with Baylor detracts from the Christian witness Baylor strives to present to the world and hinders full accomplishment of the mission of the university.”

As Rod Dreher notes, “Dr. Lilley should explain why he thinks that the pregnant nun stunt accords with Texas Baptist principles, and does not detract from Baylor’s Christian witness. Is mocking Catholicism a Texas Baptist principle?”

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