Is it or is it not sex education?

Is it or is it not sex education?

Recall that one of the things that really got the USCCBureaucrats angry was calling their “safe environment” programs “sex education” (which is why I will call them “sex education safe environment programs” from now on.)

So it’s no surprise that the Virtus web site has an article “Is sex abuse prevention education the same thing as sex education.” In it we’re treated to the same propaganda as before, which completely ignores the reality that these programs shift the focus from the source of more than 80% of the sex abuse problems that have riven the Church in the past four years: homosexual adult males/priests soliciting adolescent males for sex. Instead it all focuses on parents and even more on children as the first line of defense for an unspecified threat, stripping them of their innocence in order to protect the dioceses’ liability insurance. Catholic teaching on the rights of parents and children and on human sexuality end up on the losing side of that equation.

The author of the article, Sharon Doty, Esq. (i.e. a lawyer), says:

Young children are generally comfortable with the information provided in sex abuse prevention programs. It is parents who typically exhibit discomfort. We�adults�are the ones who have difficulty with the subject matter.

And what is the Church’s teaching on this same subject as found in “Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality” from the Pontifical Council for the Family?

�Parents must protect their children, first by teaching them a form of modesty and reserve with regard to strangers, as well as by giving suitable sexual information, but without going into details and particulars that might upset or frighten them.�

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli