Is Archbishop O’Malley “not committed” to TaT?

Is Archbishop O’Malley “not committed” to TaT?

Fr. David Mullen, the pastor in Bellingham, Mass., who has told the Archdiocese of Boston he will not implement the “Talking about Touching” program, has told The Wanderer that Archbishop Sean O’Malley told him that he’s “not committed” to TaT and that it is under study by the archdiocese. (That jibes with the information I have the one of the auxiliary bishops has asked for a theological review.)

Fr. Mullen says that “there is no way the archbishop will approve it,” and that the mandate for TaT was a “middle-management decision that misserves the archbishop.” If the implication wasn’t clear, he places the blame squarely on Deacon Anthony Rizzuto of the Office of Child Advocacy, Implementation, and Oversight. Rizzuto is the clergyman who told parents that he hadn’t read any of the Church’s teachings on the rights of parents, even as he told them they had no rights.

I’m not holding my breath on this one. I will believe that TaT is being pulled when I see it. Remember last summer when the concerned parents were told not to hold their public meeting about TaT? They were promised that a meeting with archdiocesan officials, meaning the bishops, would be granted them in exchange. They’re still waiting. When the phone don’t ring…

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli