Intertwined liberal groups

Intertwined liberal groups

The schedule for the 2005 Call to Action national conference, to be held this November, is almost a parody of liberal and heterodox Catholicism. The seminar titles are hilarious, using terms like “theo-fascism” and “Earth Spirit” and “goddess” and “theological captivity” and so on.

The plenary address will be given by Fr. Richard McBrien and will be an assessment of the pontificate of Benedict XVI. Do you think McBrien will find it to be a positive and refreshing springtime of the Church under the leadership of our new pope? Yeah, right.

I also notice a number of names familiar from the Scandals of the past few years, including Leonard Swidler, one of the founding members of Voice of the Faithful, and David Clohessy and Barbara Blaine, the leaders of SNAP, the abuse victims group.

As I’ve said before, all these groups are connected in one way or another.

By the by, I noticed that every seminar and event has a person’s name attached, except for one. For the seminar “Faith-sharing Communities for the Next Generation” the presenter is listed as “Next Generation CTA Leaders.” Is that because they have yet to identify the next generation? Is it because CTA and its ilk is overwhelmingly populated by aging, gray-haired Baby Boomers whose outdated philosophical outlook is dying?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli