India’s girl deficit

India’s girl deficit

The Christian Science Monitor reports that, hey, it isn’t poor women in India having all those abortions, but the wealthy, educated class. So much for the socialist, classism rhetoric used by the pro-aborts: “We need legal abortion so poor women don’t end up in back alleys.”

We’ve been reporting on this trend for a while at CWR/CWN. India is experiencing the same imbalance that China is, namely that there are way too many men for every woman born, reflecting the desirability of having sons to support parents and the burden that heavy dowries put on families. On the other hand, it would be better for society to have enough women to bear children. This line was ironic: “Like China, India has encouraged smaller families through a mixture of financial incentives and campaigns calling for two children at most.” Unlike China, it doesn’t “encourage” smaller families by strapping women down into operating rooms and forcibly aborting their children if they dare exceed two children.

Even India’s “incentives” and “campaigns” are not as benign as that sounds. Some states are starting penalize large families, denying government benefits, certain jobs, and even placement in schools. It’s not that India has too many people; it has too many of the wrong sort of people.

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