Incomplete investigation in Albany

Incomplete investigation in Albany

The lawyer hired by the bishop of Albany criticized a victims’ lawyer for failing to come across with evidence. Mary Jo White issued an ultimatum to John Aretakis last week to come up with any evidence against Bishop Howard Hubbard or she’d go on without it.

White is Hubbard’s lawyer. Why should Aretakis, who may sue Hubbard and the diocese on behalf of his clients, give up his evidence to her? She is not an independent investigator; she is a partisan investigator. She’s paid by the diocese to write a report. What are the odds that report will be critical of Hubbard? If Aretakis cooperates and she clears Hubbard, that will do a lot of damage to the pursuit of truth. Other lawyers agree. Of course, Aretakis did agree to meet with White if she allowed the media to be present and ask question, but she declined. Of course.

Whatever the result of White’s investigation and report, many questions will remain unanswered.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli