In with the new desk, out with the old

In with the new desk, out with the old

I got my new desk yesterday, which I’d been planning to get ever since we moved. We went to our local Ikea and got swept up in the crowds. (The place is like the UN. I swear I heard languages from every continent, although I didn’t hear an Aussie accent.)

The desk I picked out is the Galant model, straight top (not corner) with T-legs instead of A-frame. I also bought the Summera CPU holder and the Signum cable management trays. I’m just so sick of seeing that cable mess back there.

The new desk is wonderful. I love the spaciousness. Now Isabella can sit next to me and watch the photo slideshow on the other computer without constantly bumping my elbow. And it looks so clean and functional. To top it off, I’ve unloaded the old desk on Craigslist. Excellent.

Now after walking through Ikea, I’ve got some other home improvement ideas as well. I’ll highlight those in another post. For the now, check out the before and after photos below.

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  • The desk is ok and everything but your girls are beautiful! I check in now and again hoping for pictures – I always thought your daughter Isabella was definitely a Bettinelli but NO WAY! She looks just like her Mom in the picture of her swinging her legs on the chair with you guys all sitting at the desk.

    God Bless!