In the Kitchen with Bella - Week in Review, #1

In the Kitchen with Bella - Week in Review, #1

Here’s a round-up of the articles and recipes from In the Kitchen with Bella, our new recipe and cooking blog. (By “our” I mean me and my wife, Melanie, and her sister, Theresa.) We’ve had a good run of recipes our first week and while they’re not being posted at the same rate as I post entries here, we hope to make them a regular feature. Anyway, here’s what we posted last week:


And don’t miss my article: “How to make a $7 chicken last three days.” Be sure to leave us your comments as well, especially if you use on of the recipes. We’d love to hear how it turned out and what cool variations you used.

This week we’ll have a corn and black bean salsa, an Oriental stir fry, a goat cheese and beet dip, and more.

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