In the birthing center

In the birthing center

So we’re in the hospital in the birthing center now. Happily they have WiFi, which should make it easier to keep in touch. Melanie still refuses to let me broadcast the birth live over the Internet. She’s so old-fashioned.

Not much going on so far. Contractions eight minutes apart but not very strong yet.

She’d been having contractions all night, but not very close together so she told me to go to work this morning. I got about halfway there, just at the point where I hit heavy traffic, when she called to tell me her water broke. Happily, I was 1/4 mile from an exit so I got off the highway and headed home. Everything was quiet when I got home and Melanie made herself some breakfast while we waited for the contractions to get stronger.

Isabella is home with Melanie’s mom, which she seemed to be okay with as we left, although I wonder how long before she starts calling for her mother. I’m glad my mother-in-law had come in to town last week to let Isabella acclimate. We’re very blessed.

Updates will follow.


  • Sophia picked a good time of day to kick the delivery off!

    BTW:  no video… not even audio?  Tch.

  • I am pretty sure that there is not a lady here who would let anyone broadcast live from the delivery room and a whole mess of old fashioned women would be ready to do you physical harm should you try to convince your wife to do it. That’s the power of the blogworld man!

    BTW… I know you were just kidding! : )

    Give her a squeeze for us and tell her that we are praying hard that she won’t have to work too hard before getting to meet your little one.

    St. Gerard, pray for her! St. Katherine Drexel, pray for her!

  • My biggest mistake with my first pregnancy was getting to the hospital too early. I’m not saying Melanie did that. But, Dom, if you can read this, do everything possible to get Melanie calm/relaxed (never easy in a hospital, I know) and then try to get labor going again yourselves before the doctors take over. Possible methods – going to the bathroom can remind muscles what they are supposed to do, walking, changing positions, and, I greatly hesitate to post this but do so only with the hope it will help – chest stimulation is known to bring on contractions. I wish I had known my first time around what I could have done to get things moving. If her water isn’t already broken, I don’t recommend letting them do it – with me it caused severe contractions that didn’t do anything so I wound up very tired without having progressed at all.

    Sending prayers!

  • Thanks, everyone.

    I’ve been doing my crossword, chatting with the nurse, checking my email. The doc is supposed to be here soon. Just waiting for now.

    Just posted an entry on my blog, too.

    Melanie (posting from Dom’s account)

  • Best of luck and many prayers for you guys!

    That’s how labor started with my second, water broke at 2:30 am and she was born about 12 hours later.  Thank goodness for Grandmas to watch toddlers.

    So soon you will be holding your tiny baby girl in your arms and falling in love all over again!