In my name

In my name

Last week, the “Father Dad” case was in the news. It involved a Redemptorist priest who had a fathered a child when he was a seminarian working in a Portland archdiocese parish. The mother had sued for more support, and had included the archdiocese in the suit. And the archdiocese used the legal defense that the woman should have engaged in “unprotected intercourse.”

I and others found it outrageous that a Catholic archdiocese would use such a legal tactic to fight the suit because it is immoral on many levels. It advocates sinful activity, places the blame squarely on the woman, and seeks to avoid a financial obligation on the part of the priest and his order. Some are now saying that criticism of Archbishop William Levada, then archbishop of Portland, is misplaced.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli