In his own mind?

In his own mind?

Not so fast, say the Knights of Malta. Terry McAuliffe may have submitted an application to join, but it doesn’t mean he automatically becomes one.

LifeSiteNews called the Knights of Malta office in Washington, where it was confirmed that Terry McAuliffe has indeed submitted an application to the Knights of Malta, which is currently under review. A director told LifeSiteNews that the Knights have no control over who submits an application, but do make the decision whether a candidate fulfills all the requirements to join their ranks.

[Thanks to Kathy for the link.]

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  • But you don’t just submit an application; you have to be invited and sponsored by a couple of existing members. So some members obviously thought Terry was appropriate in spite of his dissent from Church teaching.

    This would seem to indicate that on some level, this org. is—surprise, and whatever their many other attributes—a self-congratulation society for rich people.

    Which I’m immature enough to find annoying, and technologically capable enough to raise heck about grin

  • True, it is an application only.
    But, I believe…but cannot confirm…this application must be accompanied by comments/recomendations from several sponsors who are somehow affiliated with the Order of Malta.  I think..cannot of the sponsors must be a priest.
    Who are these brilliant folks who sponsored Mr. McAullife?  And why would they do this, knowing very well what the applicant and the Knights stand for??  Hmmm.