Ignorance is bliss

Ignorance is bliss

Conor Dugan at his blog, TriCoastal Commission, looks at a recent posting by another blogger who worries that the Catholic Church is becoming too powerful in the world, and especially in the US. This blogger, Matthew Yglesias, thinks the Church under Pope John Paul is homogenizing the world and taking control of the Republican Party. Don’t laugh, this guy is serious.

As Conor says in his response, Yglesias obviously has no clue and seems motivated by his hatred for the Catholic Church, even going so far as calling it the “tenacious foe that the left can never quite seem to kill off.” Imagine if he said that about any politically correct, protected group. Conor does a good job responding in his two posts on it.

  • I call this the Black Legend’s Bridge to the 21st Century.  “Powerful”? The arguments are clueless.  Judge how effective the Church has been to force American Catholic pols to do its pro-life bidding…

    I blogged on a similar item that appeared in a UK paper (the Telegraph I believe)