“I want you to build me an ark”

“I want you to build me an ark”

Nationalguard Peabody Okay, this isn’t funny anymore. You may have noticed on the national news, if you’re not a local, that we’ve been getting a little rain in these parts. More than a little rain, actually. I’ve seen some reports that this is the most rain we’ve had in a century. And when it rains, it floods.

There are a couple of places in Salem that always flood in big storms and one of them is just down the street. It’s the appropriately named Canal Street, and here are some photos I took of the flooding back in 2004. Keep in mind, though, that it’s much worse this time. Some Mensa candidate tried to drive through the flood zone—past barricades no less—and had to be pulled out by the fire department. There’s always one.

Swimming in the sewage

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  • “There’s always one.”

    I grew up in Dallas, and every spring and summer, there are terrific downpours, and flooding in low-lying areas. And everytime a low-lying area floods, some genius decides that though others are turning back, *he* can make it across . . . and then he can’t. Sometimes it’s just comic, sometimes it’s annoying (to rescue services), sometimes it’s tragic (if the water is flowing). Yet, even when someone dies from being trapped in their car, I’ve just seen so much of that, that even though I feel sorry for the dead, I *still* kind of want to rap them on the head: “*What* were you thinking? See where that got you???”

  • Lynne, A cubit is a measurement used in ancient times.  It is the length of a person’s arm from the tip of the fingers to the elbow when bent at a 90 degree angle.  The length varies, of course, according to the length of the arm.

  • I’m sorry, Ron.  A lot of times my posts are not too serious.  Ian got the joke.  Maybe I should have put the question in quotation marks…