I want to see this movie

I want to see this movie

I’ve just heard about an interesting new movie called Confession. Okay, whenever I hear about a movie involving Catholic priests and all-boy schools, I immediately get suspicious, but this one looks different.

The story is that a student at an elite Catholic prep school murders a classmate and then goes to confession. But when the priest becomes the prime suspect, he can’t clear himself because of the seal of the confessional. The site I linked has a trailer.

The movie stars Tom Bosley, Peter Greene, and Bruce Davison, among others.

They still don’t have an American or Canadian distributor, but I hope they get it. I’d like to see this movie.

I should mention that the writer/director says that the movie is a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s “I Confess.”

  • I Confess is a fantastic movie, and this one should be good if it follows the plot as described without wandering in to any other area.

  • I still haven’t seen the original.

    I’m wondering if a remake could even be made of Hitchcock’s “Rope,” on the Leopold and Loeb murderers.

  • Oh sure, you could remake Hitchcock’s ROPE.

    You would have to make it … ahem … explicit that Brandon and Phillip are gay lovers. Maybe have them talk about the upcoming murder plan, while naked in bed together at the start of the movie. And then motivate the killing by having David be some retrograde, antediluvian gay-hatin’ Xtian. And then have Rupert agree to let them off at the end, since he’s satisifed his curiosity, and David obviously deserved it for being so mean to those nice gay boys.

    No problemo.