I want my wine

I want my wine

Wow, it’s rare when I find myself agreeing with a Boston Globe editorial, but this is one of those times. Outdated laws in place in the state prevent wine-buyers from purchasing and having wine shipped from outside Massachusetts. Just like the old Blue Laws, the reason for the law is lost in the depths of time, but now it’s just used a protectionism for the local liquor industry.

But what’s not fair is that most of the wine that would be shipped is stuff you can’t buy in Massachusetts, like the wines from Bettinelli Vineyards, for example.

So here’s what I want all you Massachusetts residents to do. Go to this page, find your state senators and representative, and tell them you support state Senator Robert O’Leary’s bill, Senate Bill, No. 163, that would allow out-of-state wine sales in Massachusetts.

And when this gets passed we’ll all tip back a nice glass of Bettinelli Merlot.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli