I want my Pill!

I want my Pill!

I just read a wire service article (thus I don’t have a link for you) that 80 employees of Gannon University in Erie, Pa., are protesting the school’s decision to remove coverage for birth control pills, sterilization, and even Viagra from the employee health insurance plans. First, I applaud the Catholic university’s administration for a bold move based on sound moral principles. While I would say that Viagra is different from the other prescriptions since it treats a dysfunction, I understand why they would lump them together since activists often do the same thing, arguing that if you provide for men’s sexual needs you should provide contraceptives for women. It doesn’t make sense, but neither do many liberal demands.

The funny thing is that the protesting employees claim that the decision impinges their “private moral decisions.” Making someone else pay for something that violates their private moral principles is impingement on them. No one’s saying they can’t buy the stuff with their own money. Again, it’s typical of liberals to say that telling them they can’t have something on someone else’s dime is an infringement of their rights. After all, your money belongs to them by right.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli