I saw it

I saw it

Quick review of ROTK:
It is the best of the three.

Whatever the personal views of the filmmakers, the source material is so strong and their fidelity to the sources so close that Tolkien’s thoughts and vision come through clearly.

My pick for best Hobbit actor is Sean Astin, not Elijah Wood, who is a serviceable Frodo, but not nearly as good as Sean is as Sam.

To some people the ending may appear to be drawn out, but it is faithful to the book and necessary.

I look forward to the extended edition DVD to see all the scenes that should have been included but weren’t.

I kept waiting for Elrond to say, “Miiister Andersooon.”

Oscar predictions:
Best Actor: Ian McKellen
Best Supporting Actor: Sean Astin or Andy Serkis (both nominated)
Best Director: Peter Jackson
Best Picture: Return of the King (but really for all three)

That’s all for now. More later.