I need a new job

I need a new job

On Friday I penned a cryptic request for prayers for me and my family, noting that it had nothing to do with the baby or the health of any of us. Some of you were able to guess what that meant.

The decision was reached that the July 2006 issue of Catholic World Report magazine would be my last as editor. For some time, there has been a desire to take the magazine in a new direction with a new vision and a new philosophy. So Ignatius Press and I have come to an understanding, have agreed to an amicable parting, and I am looking for new opportunities. This isn’t about any particular editorial or article published in the magazine or about any views expressed on my blog and I would caution against trying to draw inferences if you weren’t privy to the discussions.

Let me add that I have the utmost respect for Ignatius Press, Father Joseph Fessio, and the people there. I think that IP has an important mission and I wish them well.

As for my future, I guess you won’t be surprised when I tell you that I’m a little worried. We just had a baby 12 days ago and my first priority is to provide a roof, food, clothing, and healthcare to her and to Melanie.

Thus, I’m open to any work that will provide that. I communicate well in the written word, have experience managing a staff of people (even cross-country), I’m tech-savvy and well-informed, I’ve worked in journalism, advertising, marketing, and public relations, as well as for an Internet-based company. I’m articulate, well-mannered, and personable. Above all, I’m a Catholic gentleman and family man with a deep and abiding faith.

I would be happy to do free-lance editing or writing, consulting, Internet work, technical writing, or to switch into a different industry all together.

If you’re looking for someone with those skills or know someone who is, please let me know via email.

  • Dom – I am praying for you and know that God will provide for your family.

    If you are serious about homeschooling baby Isabella, a move to Steubenville is obviously in your best interests, as you are well aware of the huge homeschooling network there. Plus as an employee of Franciscan, your children receive free tuition ! Sounds like God’s plan to me !!

  • My sister will be sorely disappointed about the ‘new direction’ of Catholic World Report, it’s one of the few things she will subscribe to.
    And she loves Diogenes.
    But, as my father has been wont to say since he had a similar experience when he was just starting a family, “you never know when your bad luck is your good luck.”
    Knowing that God is watching over you, though, you have nothing to fear.
    I hope we have nothing to fear—-you’re not quitting the blog are you?
    Prayers are on the way.

  • Dom, you have my prayers.

    I’m sure you know all the folks out there with Catholic news and opinion publications.  Have you had your eye on anything specific?

  • Thanks everyone for your prayers and advice. We’ll be relying on them.

    AH: That horse left the barn a long time ago. I have nearly five years worth of blogging online and in search engines now. Ceasing my blogging now would be a little too late, and even if I took the blog down, it’s still in all the search engines. Just do a Google search on my name and see what I mean.

    Fr. Larry: It’s actually a pretty small Catholic periodical world, especially with regard to orthodox ones and I don’t think any of them are looking for editors at the moment. So I’m looking at anything.

  • BTW Dom, No, it’s not just cause you’re her dad.
    She really IS the most beautiful baby in the world!

  • “I’m tech-savvy and well-informed, I’ve worked in journalism, advertising, marketing, and public relations, as well as for an Internet-based company…I’m articulate, well-mannered, and personable.”—way over-qualified for most jobs.

  • Steve: I haven’t ruled out manual labor. My brother has already offered to let me drive one of his trucks if I get a tractor-trailer driver’s license. If it comes to it, I’ll dig ditches in Timbuktu if necessary, as I’ve already said to some friends.
    I’ve worked in manual labor before, and I’m not afraid to return to it.

    On the other hand, God has given me certain skills and talents and I believe for a reason so I think it important that I look first to how he might want me to use them.

  • Dom,

    Been there; done that.

    God will provide.

    We’ll include your request to family Rosary.

    God bless.

  • I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers.  As Sue Sims said so well above, “God’s ways and timings are far more perfect than ours.”

    Abandonment to God’s providence is much easier for us humans to say than it is for us to do, but in the end it will bring much more peace and many more blessings.  Keep the faith!

  • Dom, my heartfelt prayers for you and your family.  I am a little shocked at the timing, but pray that God will see you through this difficult time.  It can’t be easy with a brand-new child, the delight of your life.  You are admirably qualified—I cannot help but believe that once word is out, you will be snatched up quite soon.  God bless you, all three.

  • Father Fessio is chancellor of AMU. He is also editor at Ignatius Press and publisher of CWR. (The president of Ignatius is Mark Brumley.)

    As far as I’m aware, he is the only person involved at both places.