I know, let’s capitulate!

I know, let’s capitulate!

Why is it that the response of those fighting from the conservative side of the culture wars seem to have a natural response to capitulate to those on the other side, with the unreasonable expectation that a compromise is possible. To wit, the folks on the forefront of the effort to protect marriage in Massachusetts, the Mass. Family Institute, are now backing an effort to give unmarried couples the full benefits of marriage.

VoteOnMarriage.org - the campaign to allow voters to decide on the definition of marriage in Massachusetts - today announced, along with a bi-partisan group of state legislators, the filing of the Benefits Fairness Act.

The Benefits Fairness Act would ensure that citizens in the Commonwealth who are ineligible for marriage are afforded necessary rights, protections, and benefits not currently provided for under Massachusetts law.

First, who is “ineligible” for marriage? As far as I know, unless you’re under age or mentally incompetent, you’re eligible for marriage. Sure, you may not be able to marry the person of your choice: if you’re gay, then you can’t marry another guy, but then since marriage is between a man and a woman anyway if you choose to marry a woman that’s good. Oh, but they don’t want to marry a woman, they say. Look, if my good buddy says he only wants to marry Jennifer Aniston and no other woman, whether she even knows he exists or not, does that make him ineligible for marriage in eyes of the state? No. He’s making himself ineligible for marriage.

The art of compromising yourself to death

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Domenico Bettinelli