I know it’s gloating but…

I know it’s gloating but…

... how often to you get to put these smug jerks in their place? This is quoted at the Democracy Now web site.

Scott Ritter, former weapons inspector and US [M]arine. In a recent interview on Irish radio he warned the US will lose the war with Iraq. Ritter said: “We find ourselves… facing a nation of 23 million, with armed elements numbering around 7 million—who are concentrated at urban areas. We will not win this fight. America will loose this war.”

“Mr. Ritter, this is your office calling. We still haven’t found your credibility. When did you lose it? ... Was it when you were arrested for attempting to pick up underage girls on the Internet? ... Oh, after that? When you predicted defeat for the US at the hands of Saddam? Have you looked everywhere? Maybe it’s with your head .... up your—Hello?”

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli