I have a better idea

I have a better idea

An Italian priest at the Vatican has has an odd idea for a US-Iraq partnership. (Paid subscription required, free trials available)

    But the Italian cleric caused a ripple of disbelief among the media representatives when he called for an American effort to alleviate the problems of poverty in Iraq. “If I could, I would give President Bush this advice,” Father Benzi said. “Form a partnership with Iraq to help that country raises its standard of living.”

Actually, it’s not such a bad idea. We’ll definitely help Iraq raise its standard of living. The first step? Get rid of Saddam. If the country hadn’t spent billions of dollars on presidential palaces and nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons programs over the past decade, there would be a lot less poverty.

It worked in the former Warsaw Pact and Afghanistan, it will work for Iraq.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli