I guess “vibrant” means “dissenting and disobedient”

I guess “vibrant” means “dissenting and disobedient”

There must be some mistake. How could St. Albert the Great parish in Weymouth, Mass., spared closing after months of disobedient protests by parishioners, now include a lector proclaiming her public dissent?

Kelly Clark notices the same thing. Really, why should we be surprised that the parish rebuilt by Fr. Ron “Hell? No! Hell No!” Coyne and stocked with people who think that a parish can be independent of a bishop and a diocese would also have a lector who would refuse to read the archbishop’s letter on the protection of marriage amendment? Although, to be fair, this could be any parish in this archdiocese, sadly.

It seems that the Archdiocese of Boston interprets the separation of church and state as the situation warrants.

I was very upset with the reading of the archbishop’s letter concerning the anti-gay marriage proposal during Masses last weekend, and, as a lector at St. Albert the Great Parish, would have refused to read it from the altar.

It’s the same old re-treaded baloney about a “right to companionship” (Did I miss that one in the Constitution? All those years of being single, and I could have just exercised my right to companionship) and that gay marriage hurts no one, blah, blah, blah.

Same lack of understanding of basic Church teaching, different parish, different day.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli