I get letters

I get letters

Oh, I get letters. Here’s a little sampling. From the very tolerant, loving liberals I get this, for example:

I hate to break it to you, Dom. But you, sir, are a homosexual. You have been kissing Law’s and O’Malley’s ass for so long now, that you do indeed
qualify for one of the most narcissistic people of all, as you would put it.

Have you ever stopped to wonder how you would feel if you had a child that was raped by a priest who went unpunished? Or if you had a child who was a homosexual?

It is easy for you to label others that you do not understand- to use hate-filled stereotypes which reveal your fanaticisim.

You make Rush Limbaugh look open-minded.

Why don’t you just work things out with John, instead of lambasting those who would support the good man he has been loyal to for so long.

It is people like you who give Catholicism a bad name. ...

I think I know now why you are so full of yourself. Perhaps your brother John was the favored child when you were growing up. Now here’s your chance to really stick it to Our Lady’s financial council director.

You’re a piece of work. ...

it is no suprise to me that you would rather write from you e-pulpit then to argue on even ground with people on the globe’s debate website.

your language , e.g., aging hippies is incendiary, and your condescing airs sickening. you are a typical self-righteous bigot- the kind of person that Jesus would vomit upon.

Can you feel the love? It’s sad but amusing to see those who accuse me of being unloving, hate-filled, arrogant, selfish, and given to stereotypes are themselves the ones doing all those things. And did you ever notice that those who say it’s just fine to be homosexual sling the accusation at those who say it’s not a good thing, as if it were ... not a good thing? Hypocrisy. Someone better break the news to Melanie about my latent, closeted homosexuality. I suppose because I think anti-semitism is bad, I’m a latent anti-semite. Being pro-life, I’m probably really pro-abortionist. Oh and make that pro-Nazi, pro-Communist, pro-kicking puppies, and all the rest. Because if you oppose something, you’re really for it. It seems logic and liberalism are not friends.

I challenge anyone to find anything I’ve written on this site that’s even half as hate-filled and angry. The same guy also says that I only let comments that agree with me be posted on the blog. Really? How would he know since he’s never tried to post? The fact is that I’m very ... ahem ... liberal in my posting policy and will only delet those comments which are slanderous, vulgar, or delve into personal matters.

If this is the kind of Christianity that following the likes of Fr. Walter Cuenin engenders, then count me out.

Some letters, however, are filled with less outright hatred, but are still rife with misapprehensions and hostility, such as this one, entitled “I will pray for you”:

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli