They just won’t let it go

They just won’t let it go

An Associated Press story at the Fox News web site tells us that US soldiers have destroyed a mosaic in the lobby of the al Rashid hotel in Baghdad that depicts President George H.W. Bush so that people entering the building would walk over his face, a supreme Arabic insult. It’s understandable that the soldiers would want to remove something that insults any former president, but the AP writer makes an insinuation so stupid it’s insulting.

Now, as people in Baghdad rush through the streets yelling “Bush! Bush!” and thrusting thumbs in the air, at the al-Rashid Hotel a decade-long insult has been removed d up a sheet bearing the message: ““Go home Human Shields, you U.S. Wankers.”

Of course those are “human shields” who didn’t have the sense of their comrades who saw early on that they were defending a corrupt and evil regime and went home. They didn’t even have the sense to comprehend that Coalition forces successfully managed to prosecute the war without dropping a bomb on any of them. In other words, with all the ordnance dropped, it never hit any of the stuff the human shields predicted we would. If these guys were too dense to realize all that, then it’s no wonder they were chastizing weary, annoyed, and armed Marines who just got done fighting some nasty bad guys. At least the Iraqis knew who their friends were.

One young boy walked up and shook McCoy’s hand. The battalion commander took off his helmet, and placed it atop the little boy’s head, then leaned back and smiled.

“U.S. good,” the boy said. said. “No more Saddam.”

That kid is a lot smarter than a lot of supposedly well-educated Americans.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli