How big does it have to be to qualify?

How big does it have to be to qualify?

The parish in Salem, Mass., slated for closing is preparing for its sit-in. Once again, we see that rather than being a broad-based effort, it’s really a comparatively tiny number of people who are setting themselves up as obstacles.

About 50 parishioners met after Mass yesterday, and when the time came for a vote, at least three-quarters of them said they are prepared to hold a sit-in to keep the church open. Organizers of the anti-closing group, which calls itself the Family of St. Thomas, estimate 20 to 25 people, working in shifts, can hold a sustained vigil.

Out of hundreds or thousands of parishioners, only 50 could be bothered to show up for the sit-in vote. In what way could this be said to represent the people of the parish?

I’m also tired of the use of the term “vigil” to describe the protests. A vigil, in the context of the Catholic Church, is an act of worship of God, but these events are anything but that. This is about the wants and needs of the people of that parish. These are “sit-ins” or “protests”. As simple as that.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli