Hospital CEO attacks “antigay” Romney with hypocritical argument

Hospital CEO attacks “antigay” Romney with hypocritical argument

The CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston runs a blog in which he usually discusses topics related to running such an institution. However, he recently strayed into left-wing, pro-gay politics when he said he couldn’t wait for Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney to leave office for his “nasty and distressing” anti-gay positions.  The CEO, Paul Levy, makes a unintentionally amusing case for his point of view.

Beth Israel Hospital was established in 1916 because of discrimination against Jewish doctors and Jewish patients. Open access was therefore a deeply held belief at that hospital, and it is a belief that persists with the new BIDMC. We welcome all ethnic, racial, religious, and cultural groups, and we do our best to treat everyone the same, i.e, as though they were members of our own family. This includes people of all sexual orientations: heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender. This is not only a matter of social justice. It is a matter of life and death. To discriminate on any basis whatsoever is to say that some people are entitled to better care than others. We just do not accept this.

I see. Well, this is great news. Since Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital does not discriminate “on any basis whatsoever” I would like free health care.

Hey, I can’t afford it. I’m unemployed and health insurance is expensive so I want Paul Levy to live up to his bluster and give me and my family free care at Beth Israel. Oh, and I don’t want that “charity” health care they usually give out, the minimal “free clinic” stuff. I want the same level of care that Levy gets.

Isn’t refusing that same level of health care to someone who can’t pay discrimination? And Levy did say that there was no basis whatsoever for discrimination.

Yeah, I thought so. Typical liberal double standard.

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