Honda and joint pain connection confirmed

Honda and joint pain connection confirmed

One good thing about my week’s convalescence is that I think it confirms my earlier hypothesis as to the cause of my sudden onset of knee problems. At the time I surmised that driving my car, née Melanie’s car, aka the 2000 Honda Civic, was causing the persistent pain in the my right knee, such that it hurt to climb stairs or even bend it to put on trousers or shoes.

Some readers echoed my conclusion saying that they too had experienced knee problems while regularly driving a Honda sedan, some not even making the connection until I pointed it out. (Melanie said she too had knee problems when was driving it but didn’t make the connection either.)

Well, I think I can confirm the hypothesis. Over the past week I’ve driven the Honda only once and I have to say that my knee is almost completely free of pain.

The question now is what I can do to keep the pain from coming back. I’ve been trying to rest my right leg as often as possible while driving, such as holding the brake pedal with my left foot at stop lights while letting my right leg rest. Unfortunately, it only works in city driving and not in highway commuting stop-and-go traffic.

I wish getting rid of the car was an option, but it’s not. I’ll have to keep looking.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli