Home again, home again

Home again, home again

There’s nothing like coming home. Don’t get me wrong: our weeks in Texas were a blast. Melanie’s family is great and I feel right at home with them. And Texas itself was awesome. They’re having an unusually warm winter, and it was in the 70s and 80s and sunny the entire time there. It’s nice to get a break from winter.

Yet it’s nice to come home and get back into routine in familiar surroundings. To cook in your own kitchen and sleep in your own bed and work at your own desk (on your desktop computer: my iBook is nice, but not forever).

The trip home was uneventful with a stopover in Dallas. I managed to hop online briefly during the connection to check email and post a comment. On the second leg of our flight, we watched “Serenity” on my laptop. My sister-in-law Theresa had borrowed a friend’s copy of the “Firefly” TV show DVD and after watching all the episodes we ran out to buy the movie at Best Buy. On the flight we watched it with the director’s commentary and it was a hoot. I really like the show/movie and how they make more movies or TV episodes.

Melanie’s family exchanges gifts on Epiphany, not Christmas, so on Sunday we had a big dinner (Yummy paella, Mamma Scott!) and then opened a few gifts. My in-laws gave me a great gift, almost perfect. “The Silver Spoon”, an Italian cookbook that is the standard for cooking in Italy. It is the one that every Italian housewife has on her shelf, like an Italian “Joy of Cooking.” I had recently heard about it and thought it might be interesting to check out. No kidding! It’s great! It has recipes for everything, from simple to complex. I can’t wait to start delving into it.

That’s it for now. I’m swamped with work, mail, newspapers (one of the papers kept delivering despite my asking them to hold), boxes, Christmas cards, and so on. More soon.

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