Holy Cross’s commitment to diversity

Holy Cross’s commitment to diversity

A gay student is allegedly receiving threatening notes at Holy Cross College and the school mobilizes. For the record, I don’t have a problem with the school taking seriously threats of any kind. But when it’s anti-homosexual threats, you just know that the PC-crowd will mobilize and treat them as the worse kind of offense. To wit, these comments from Jacqueline Peterson, vice president of student affairs:

“Any institution that doesn’t put diversity at the forefront of its priorities is doing an injustice to the students because diversity represents the real world and we are preparing students to function in the real world.”

  • Holy Cross College is not a “Catholic” college.  It has lost it’s “Catholic Identity” years ago. The former bishops of Worcester, Flannagan, Harrington, and presently, Reilly have failed to declare that Holy Cross College is no longer a Catholic institution of higher learning.  Hopefully, the new bishop elect, Bishop Robert McMannus will have the courage to do so.

    Anyone interested in documentation, go to Defend The Faith and view the pages on HCC.


  • Joanne –

    Me too! I eyeballed Holy Cross and my sole relative who had gone to college (Uncle Gerard) praised it highly. Even though I had no religious upbringing Holy Cross had this strange allure for me. I had studied Latin in high school and thought likea Ctholic, i just didn’t act like one.

    Ultimately, I went to BU and hooked up with Newman House after having worked for the Marsh Chapel as a work study.

    Man, the Catholics really packed Marsh Chapel and I suspect they still do.  Reverend Dean R.W.Thornburg used to chuckle that more Catholics go to Mass at Marsh Chapel every weekend than than at BC Chapel.

    Bishop Fulton Sheen was truly a prophet on this. He said better go to a public or Protestant school where you can band together and fight for your faith than to a “Catholic” school.

    One rule of thumb I’ve developed: Jesuit=Apostate.

    Luckily there’s some good little schools popping up. A acquantance mentioned that he sent daughter to Marywood in PA.

  • Hi, Tom:

    What year did you graduate from BU? I graduated from CLA in Jan ‘92. Your story of what led you to the Church is an interesting one. The Masses at Marsh Chapel were really beautiful, weren’t they? My favorite was the 6pm Mass, because I loved the folk group, but the 10pm candlelight Mass was always nice too. I remember meeting a Protestant guy who went to the Masses at Marsh Chapel. He wasn’t at the point of converting, and I don’t know if he ever did, but he was curious about Catholicism and really loved the atmosphere at those Masses.

    Whenever I’m soliticed from BU for $$, I tell them it’s going to Newman House! (Which receives no funding from BU. In fact, Sr. Mary Sweeney, formerly on the staff at Newman House, wanted to take a Spanish class at BU, and she was not allowed an employee discount. I know technically she was not an employee, but still, the services she and Newman House provided to BU students were of enormous value! I thought they could have cut her a deal!)

    It is definitely encouraging to hear about the orthodox schools popping up now!

    Take care-