Hobson’s choice

Hobson’s choice

A reader writes:

I thought you might be interested in the following clever manoeuvre
adopted at St Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal, which I observed at Sunday evening’s Mass.  The sung Mass had two priests concelebrating, but when the time came for Communion, only one of the priests came down to distribute the Eucharist.  He stood to distribute to those standing, who received in the hand.  A large number of people who chose to kneel at the communion rail to receive on the tongue were given the Eucharist by a gaggle of teenaged girls in albs.  I’m sure that this leaves Traditionally-minded Catholics confused at the least.

I’m sure they thought they were just accommodating people who wanted to kneel: “Oh those conservatives! They’re never happy!”

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  • I witnessed the same thing a few years ago when I took my kids to St. Joseph’s Oratory. Very sad and confusing.

    The altar is surrounded by a glassed in three walled & ceiling ‘bus stop’ type thing and is very modern in design. What a difference from the rest of the place!

    I seem to remember a controversy at St. Joseph’s a few years ago… maybe something about the priests offering some not so Catholic classes or courses??? Not sure. But still a place worth visiting, Brother Andre’s life is inspiring.

  • That trick is as old as the hills.

    At a suburban-Milwaukee parish, a new pastor (the former Rector of the sem…) decided to get rid of the conservatives.  Did a good job.  Took his time.

    Started with the trick above—except that he didn’t use teenaged girls as EEM’s—he just used the regular klatsch of them.

    Then he took out most of the altar rail.

    Then he got rid of the Chant schola which sang at one Mass per month.

    Then he installed a horrific “how-to” “SexEd” curriculum in the grade school.

    And, voila!!!  the Conservatives were gone.

  • Really.  The priest usually doesn’t sing much.  He just interrupts the piano player now and then and looks like he’s longing for anti-acids.

  • They still have Catholics in Montreal?  Maybe the Toronto Oratory should send some of their priests and brothers to open a Oratory in Montreal.