His reputation will be damaged

His reputation will be damaged

A priest in New Hampshire has lost his bid to keep his personnel file private. Fr. Roland Cote was removed from a parish last fall after it came out that he had had a homosexual relationship with a teenage boy who was of the legal age of consent. Bishop John McCormack knew of this but assigned him to the parish anyway. At the time, he had justified the appointment by saying it wasn’t sex abuse since the boy was of legal age. Do we want our bishops making decisions based only on the legal issues and not moral principles?

Anyway, Cote didn’t want his file being released as part of the huge 9,000-page document dump by the state attorney general. He said his reputation would be damaged. Damaged. Sorry, Father. You damaged your own reputation with your homosexual affair. Unless, of course, there are even worse revelations contained in the file. I guess we’ll see.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli