Hezbollah kills two birds with one stone

Hezbollah kills two birds with one stone

Christian Solidarity International says that Hezbollah is intentionally firing its rockets at Israel from Christian villages so that the retaliatory strikes will hit the Christians, not Muslims.

A Christian from the village of Ain Ebel, who requested to remain nameless for fear of a reprisal from Hezbollah, reported that he found Hezbollah fighters setting up a launcher on his rooftop. Hezbollah fighters ignored his pleas to stop and fired the missiles. He immediately gathered his family and fled his home, which was bombed 15 minutes later by an Israeli air strike.

Hezbollah has also attempted to stop Christians from fleeing their villages. According to Christian Solidarity International, on July 28, Hezbollah fighters fired upon several Christians fleeing Rmeish with their families, wounding two.

Upon hearing this, some people will continue to blame Israel for shooting back at Hezbollah, as if it’s not Hezbollah’s fault for using the people as human shields in the first place.

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