Hey, I know those deacons

Hey, I know those deacons

Five men on Saturday were ordained as transitional deacons in preparation for priestly ordination in Boston. I know two of the men. Bill Ventura and Darin Colarusso spent a summer at my parish a couple of years ago during one of their seminary assignments. I spent a little time with them, going out to dinner or sitting on the rectory’s porch with them and Fr. Tim Murphy, smoking cigars, drinking Irish whiskey, and talking shop. I know that Bill is a regular reader of the blog, so I wanted to say congratulations to both of them. Welcome to the vineyard!

Darin is an interesting guy too. He’s a former Naval aviator, who flew in the backseat of Tomcats, I believe, as the Radar Intercept Officer. I think I got that right. These guys are the real deal and represent a brighter future for our Church. I’m glad to have them.

Update: How embarrassing. I mistakenly changed Darin’s bio. He was in the Air Force, not the Navy, and he flew F-4G Phantoms and F-15E Strike Eagles, not Tomcats. Sorry Darin!

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Domenico Bettinelli