Agape Press is reporting that a Canadian school district has banned heterosexism, i.e. the belief that male-female sexuality is superior to homosexuality, or “the assumption that everyone is heterosexual.” The practical effect is to forbid, for instance, a school from banning homosexual prom dates. Pro-family leaders in Canada say the policy is more evidence that homosexuals are in almost total control of the government.

    “They now have most of the governments agreeing with them,” Rushfeldt says. “In fact, we just [had] a couple of recent rulings from our Supreme Court that have been very anti-religious, pro-homosexual. So I’m not surprised to see the homosexual community starting to try and push their way into the school districts like that with those kinds of policies.”

And of course, schools are major recruiting grounds for homosexuals. Get vulnerable boys when they might be questioning their own self-identity, when they’re most afraid of girls, and feel most like outsiders and outcasts. Convince them that it’s not just awkwardness that they can grow out of, but really a fundamental difference in who they are.

A final decision on the policy is expected after a review by parent-teacher councils.

    “I think parents have to start considering the very significant aspect of the sexual behavior that is involved with homosexuality—that it’s not just a lifestyle,” he says. “They need to start looking at the facts that don’t want to be talked about that are associated with sodomy—health facts, health risks, the psychological harm that it often will cause human beings.”

The fact is that parents have to stop abdicating their responsibilities in raising their children and handing them over to those who don’t have their best interests at heart.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli