Here I am, Lord, singing this stupid hymn again

Here I am, Lord, singing this stupid hymn again

Speaking of today’s Mass, Amy Welborn asks a simple question:

Raise your hand if….Here I am, Lord was played in your parish today. Who says there’s no universal character to the liturgy any more!?

Since there’s a million comments there already, I thought I’d add my response here.

Oh yeah.

We got two Haugens and a Schutte today. Not only did we have Here I Am, Lord for Communion, we also had Gather Us In for the processional, oops, I mean gathering hymn. I’ve blocked the recessional from memory, but the psalm response was a Haugen setting that gave us the politically correct “Here am I, O God, I come to do your will,” instead of “Lord.” Can’t have that oppressive patriarchy brought mind when talking about God.

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Domenico Bettinelli