Herald misses the mark again

Herald misses the mark again

After its recent month of Catholic-bashing, does the Boston Herald think this cover headline—“God Help Us: Sleazy show tempts men weighing priesthood”—and the accompanying article, “TV show pits flesh vs. spirit: ‘God’ irks Catholics” make up for it? Especially since they apparently miss the point that many Catholics are welcoming the show and hailing it, despite the questionable marketing and title, as a good depiction of vocational discernment.

Once again, it’s another article full of editorializing masked as news. The reporter makes the judgment that it is “the cheapening of such a decision by reality TV.” Sounds like a judgment to me, again one not shared by some devout and practicing Catholics.

And what in the world does this have to do with the Scandal? Must every story about the Catholic Church includes quotes from sex-abuse victims? Is that all the Church is now to the media?

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