Help wanted: Good bishops

Help wanted: Good bishops

I may have posted this before, but if not here it is again. Phil Lawler, editor of Catholic World Report (for which I am managing editor) wrote his February editorial on the selection of bishops. Groups like Voice of the Faithful say they more a say in who gets to be bishop. In fact, they already have a say; we all do. As Phil says:

    Already there are signs that the Vatican is ready to appoint bold, energetic, and orthodox young bishops in the English-speaking world.  The recent nomination of two new auxiliary bishops for the Westminster archdiocese drew shouts of delight from orthodox Catholics around London. In the US, the appointment of Bishop Allen Vigneron, a Detroit auxiliary, as Coadjutor Bishop of Oakland deserves mention as a particularly positive sign—as well as a boon for the long-suffering Catholics of Oakland. 

    And how will Vatican officials know which young American priests deserve consideration for episcopal appointments? We will tell them! We urge readers to write to the Vatican—short, positive letters are best—with the names of priests whose virtue, talent, and fidelity make them likely candidates for diocesan leadership. Suggestions can be sent to:
    Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re
    Congregation for Bishops
    Piazza Pio XII
    00193 Roma Italy.

I think people are already embracing this idea and I urge anyone who knows a good priest who would make a good bishop to send a letter. Don’t just complain about bad bishops. Be a part of the solution. There are a number of members of St. Blog’s who would make, at least, interesting bishops and certainly better than some of the ones we have now.