Help these Carmelite sisters

Help these Carmelite sisters

In all the news coverage of the Katrina relief efforts, I’ve been wondering how exactly the Church is faring. I mean, how is the church ministering to others, how are Catholics coping, where are people praying, and so on?

Here’s one example. A Carmelite convent in Covington, LA, is housing refugees from New Orleans, specifically religious orders and some seminarians driven from their homes. At this point, the nuns have given up their beds and are, get this, sleeping on the shelves in the pantry! I’ve received this information from my father-in-law who is a third order Carmelite in Austin, Texas, who has been in touch with them.

But they are in desparate need. They’re running out of supplies, including fuel for the generator, and they caring for some elderly religious there. So if anyone reading the blog has any contacts with people at Catholic Charities or other relief agencies in the area, please get in touch with them. Here is their contact information.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli