Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Today is a very important day on the calendar, the birthday of not one, but two important fellows, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins.

Happy birthday! Now, let’s go have a big party under the Party Tree and then light off some fireworks in the shape of dragon. Oh, those hobbits know how to party.

  • I have wished a few people a happy Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday today.  Unremarkably, I was met with blank stares. 

    Some people did ask “they had the same birthday?”  Unfortunately for them, their polite question got them a longer answer than they had hoped… 

    Hoist an ale in Bilbo and Frodo’s honor (though do stay away from the Longbottom)!

  • Hobbits know how to party indeed. I wish I could have a hobbit party. Only I can’t drink. And setting off fireworks is against the rules.

    Oh well. Maybe when I’m 33.