Happy All Saints’ Day

Happy All Saints’ Day

Happy feast day to you all. It’s a day of recovery for us, but it’s also a very beautiful day.

It’s a balmy 67 degrees here in Salem today. When I said to Melanie that this is an atypical November day, she muttered, “Not in Texas.” Yes, yes, but I have word for her: August.

Despite my “bah humbug” to Halloween yesterday, there is a small bright spot about the holiday and it’s the kids coming to the door for candy. I always enjoy seeing the kids in their costumes. (However, Melanie and I did have an ongoing contest to pick out the, um, most tarted-up girl costume. It had too many contestants. Also, if you’re showing cleavage in your costume (a) you’re too old to be trick-or-treating and (b) go home and put some clothes on.)

When you think about it, Halloween trick-or-treating is one of the few occasions left in which children have a chance to socialize with many adult strangers. With all the “stranger danger” in our society now, having parents take kids to the doors of the people in their neighborhood gives them a safe, low pressure way to meet their adult neighbors and to interact with them in a social setting, learning how to say please and thank you. (Unfortunately, not all knew that lesson last night.)

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