Grown Up Popcorn

Grown Up Popcorn

[lead dropcap="yes"]I’ve tried a lot of different popcorn recipes, toppings and sprinkles to spice up regular old popcorn. Of course, there are the store-bought classics like candied popcorn and SmartFood cheesy popcorn, but when it comes to homemade I’ve always stuck with butter and salt.[/lead]

But when I saw this recipe for popcorn with soy-sauce butter, I had to try it, especially as I read the description of the complex umami flavors.

I opted for the variation that included garlic powder (not garlic salt, if you can help it) and Sriracha along with the soy sauce and it is very, very good. Addictive almost. If I had more time I might toast some sesame seeds to go with it.

Next time, I might go in a different direction and do a “buffalo” popcorn. Perhaps this Buffalo parmesan popcorn recipe, which sounds like an interesting combination.

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  • This almost sounds like the hurricane popcorn that I loved when I was in Hawaii. They also added nori (possibly furikake) and Japanese rice crackers. Mmmm, now I’m craving popcorn! 🙂