Greydanus on Therese: The Movie

Greydanus on Therese: The Movie

Catholic movie reviewer extraordinaire, Stephen Greydanus, has reviewed the new movie Therese. He doesn’t give it an unqualified thumbs up. In fact, he says that it’s lacking in its depiction of the spiritual depths of Therese and sugarcoats her human frailties. It’s not a completely negative review. He does give praise for much of it, but essentially says that the pre-release hype that it would be a powerful tool of evanglization was overstated. In fact, he says, it will appeal mostly to catechized and active Catholics, and it may even move nominal or lapsed Catholics by its “simple portrait of devotion and piety,” but it probably won’t be much more than that.

I think I’ll still see it anyway, but I’m not expecting the earthshaking experience that the Passion was.