Greeley: dove to hawk to dove

Greeley: dove to hawk to dove

Last week, in the Chicago Sun-Times, Father Andrew Greeley compared George Bush to Hitler (how original) because of the Iraq War. He said, “Hitler’s war was quantitatively different from the Iraq war, but qualitatively both were foolish, self-destructive, and criminally unjust.” Tom Bevan calls Greeley breathtakingly hypocritical because just five years ago, it was Saddam Hussein who was like Hitler, and Greeley was defending Bill Clinton’s decision to bomb Iraq in 1998.

  • You know a insane liberal wacko nut is talking when they compare normal people to Hitler.  It’s like their call sign. 

  • With reference to the politics of Father Greeley, I thought that I read somewhere that Father Greeley has been a lifelong Democrat and that he has said that it would be a mortal sin to vote for a Republican. 
    With reference to the novels of Father Greeley, I notice that he is a prolific writer, with great creativity, and that he has a certain dedication and love for the Church.  At the same time, I can’t go along with the foul, lewd, gutter and blasphemous language and the lewd descriptions used in his novels. I noticed that on an EWTN board, in answer to a question as to whether Father Greeley’s novels were OK or not, the moderator has said that it is not a crime to write this type of novel. This answer from an EWTN board seems somewhat strange to me in view of the fact that before Vatican II, everyone was asked to stand up in Church and to raise their right hand high in the air, and to take a pledge to support the Legion of Decency and decency in movies. 

  • I think it’s about time Greely was de-coded before it’s too late….I saw him try to review THE PASSION with a few trite soundbites…..and it was obvious he hadn’t even seen the film…Caviezel picked this up on his great EWTN interview….these lefties are getting so tiresome.